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Established in 2004, Rowan Public Affairs helps businesses and organisations in the South West who need to work with government be more effective.

Our highly experienced directors, who have worked with some clients for over 20 years, explain complex commercial and social issues to the political world, industry and the public. We also influence decision-making on new legislation, regulation and market development. As Devon and Cornwall’s only registered political consultants, our local knowledge makes us the best placed to do this for businesses in the region.

Find out more about our people and standards, the lobbying, public relations, strategy consulting and marketing communications services we provide, and then get in touch to talk about how we can help your organisation set the agenda.

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The complexities of lobbying are understandably tricky to get to grips with for anyone not used to dealing with government departments and processes. If you have questions about any aspect of lobbying, or our role as lobbyists, please do get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat.

Latest Briefings

Opinions are like…

Chris Hodder looks into how to assess the value of advice. With COVID-19, understandably, never being out of the news, journalists have been struggling to keep looking for new angles rather than just regurgitating statistics. One subject brought up repeatedly these last few weeks has been the quality and independence ...

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Are We There Yet?

Chris Hodder looks at the impact of suggestions to allow the young out of COVID-19 lockdown first. One thing has become remarkably obvious from the profile of the fatalities so far associated with the coronavirus: they are disproportionately older. Of course, there is no exemption for any age group and ...

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What Happens When It’s Over

Chris Hodder looks at some of the issues that might be created once the Treasury turn off the Coronavirus support taps. A few months ago, the government were considering whether to wind-up the British Business Bank. It had been created to get overcautious banks lending to businesses during the credit ...

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