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Rowan Public Affairs helps businesses and NGOs get heard by government and parliament, particularly those that operate in niche market sectors or which serve minority interest groups. Our role is to explain complex commercial and social issues to the political world, industry and the public, and to influence decision-making on new legislation, regulation and market development.

Find out more about our people and standards, the lobbying, public relations, strategy consulting and marketing communications services we provide, and then get in touch to talk about how we can help your organisation set the agenda.

How To Lobby (London – 31st May 2019)

£600.00 per person (ex. VAT)

How To Lobby (London – 28th June 2019)

£600.00 £540.00 per person (ex. VAT)

How To Lobby (London – 26th July 2019)

£600.00 £540.00 per person (ex. VAT)

Bespoke Lobbying Training (Your Location)


Ping-Pong and Whips – Strange Words Used in Parliament

Chris Hodder takes a quick look at a handful of odd terms used in parliament. Parliamentary language can be quite impenetrable to those of us on the outside, especially when they take a word that means something else in normal usage. Understanding some of the terms requires a good understanding ...

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Why Society Needs Lobbying

Chris Hodder investigates the reasons why lobbying exists and the value it holds for wider society. Lobbying and its related activities (advocacy, public affairs) are all about either trying to change politics or stopping it from changing. As a company, Rowan Public Affairs has done much of this over the ...

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Why Local Elections Matter

Not all parts of the country will be having local elections this May, but the press are keeping a keen eye on the results regardless. Craig Carey-Clinch examines what impact the polls will have on local and national politics. With the local elections upon us, many will wonder what, if ...

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