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Why Society Needs Lobbying

Chris Hodder investigates the reasons why lobbying exists and the value it holds for wider society. Lobbying and its related activities (advocacy, public affairs) are all about either trying to change politics or stopping it from changing. As a company, Rowan Public Affairs has done much of this over the decades. However, not everyone appreciates


4 Top Tips for Writing a Policy Document

Writing policy documents is hard. Usually they contain some incontestable facts, but also a lot of narrative and will need to summarise multiple viewpoints from stakeholders who may not always agree on the priorities. And they’re almost always either written by a committee or signed off by one. Here are a few tips to prevent


A.I. Ist Kein Übermensch

The biggest risk posed by autonomous cars is not the technology, but the blind faith users will place in it. Sunday’s fatality in Arizona will be the first of many and expectations should be lowered. The technology that permits cars to drive themselves is truly a modern miracle. However, it also has many weak points.


On Bowling Balls, CE Marks and Other NTBs

Is Trump right to talk balls with regards to US car sales in Japan? The answer is “yes”. On Wednesday 14th, US President Donald Trump made some claims about Japanese regulators throwing bowling balls at car bonnets to see if they make a dent. He said this was an unfair barrier to US car makers