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The Parliamentary Milk Pail

What is the biggest threat to your carefully planned lobbying strategy? Chris Hodder explains. If you've ever tried to do anything in politics, you'll know the feeling: you spend months building a relationship, you're just at the stage where certain things are unsaid but understood and then somebody resigns, and your minister is reshuffled to

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Inside the Sausage Machine: Lobbying in the EU

Rowan director Chris Hodder explains the overarching principle of lobbying in the EU. Whatever happens with Brexit, businesses which trade with the EU will certainly have to deal with EU rules and regulations for the foreseeable future. In fact, if plans for a common rulebook still end up being adopted or the UK fails to

Advice, Brexit

Why Local Elections Matter

Not all parts of the country will be having local elections this May, but the press are keeping a keen eye on the results regardless. Craig Carey-Clinch examines what impact the polls will have on local and national politics. With the local elections upon us, many will wonder what, if anything, voting in such elections


Brexit Analysis: Draft Withdrawal Agreement

The publication of a draft EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement has been greeted with relief as a significant step on the road to Brexit. But there is still a lot of ground to cover before an end is in sight. The draft agreement’s headline achievement has been to define a post-Brexit transitional period, which will last 21